Schluter profiles were developed in 1975 as a way to protect the edges of tile while providing an attractive finished look. Schluter tile profiles not only add beauty and durability to your tile installation but provide a transition to adjoining surfaces as well. Schluter-RONDEC tile profiles are specifically designed for finishing and edge protection on the edges of walls and countertops. These profiles are available in a wide array of colors and materials allowing you to create a consistent look by matching the color or materials to your countertop or wall covering, or choose a different color or material to create a custom look. The large variety of finishing and edge protection profiles provides a big enough selection to complete the look of any application. All materials that Schluter uses in its profiles are designed to last for decades providing a reliable long-term solution to cracked tile and worn edges of your tile applications.

Schluter Products

The quality of Schluter profiles has come from 30 years of experience and innovation that has led to a unique product that can not only protect your tile installation, but also add to the d├ęcor of your home or business. Installing a Schluter-RONDEC system can allow you to make your tile last longer, protect your tile and walls from damage, as well as provide an easy to clean surface. For information on the full line of Schluter products, as well as information on Schluter pricing and Schluter-RONDEC pricing, contact your local flooring or construction professional.

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